Massive Awesome Tables Are Here!
The Dashboard can now handle hundreds-of-thousands of entries with our new spreadsheet-like view. A must for bigger reports.
Or take a peek at Mastering Tables on the Knowledge Base to learn more.
Massive Awesome Tables
v1.0.72 - Improved Media Manager
is coming soon with a new media manager.
It's more reliable, uses less power and keeps your device free of clutter.
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Create Unscheduled Jobs
We've updated the dashboard to make managing jobs easier.
You can now create
unscheduled jobs
when you don't know when the site work will begin.
v1.0.71 - Better Support With Improved Error Logs
is a boring, but useful update.
Hop over to the blog to find out why Improved Error Logging Mean We Can Support You Better.
v1.0.70 - Preventing duplicate images or deleted data.
of the mobile app helps you collect even cleaner data!
Watch the video on our blog article for more details, v1.0.70 - Preventing duplicate images or deleted data.
Import PDFs into your Reports
You can now Import PDFs into your report on the Dashboard.
Handy for uploading Bulk Sample Certificates and other 3rd party documents.
We're calling the feature "experimental" as we're still looking for feedback on how it works. If you have anything you'd like to add, post a comment here.
What's next?
We've a couple of improvements for the mobile app:
Want to help us? Go forth and comment on the links above ^
+ Add Item Here
makes the inspection view a smidgen easier to use.
  • You can now
    "add item here"
    in the inspection view
I did say a smidgen easier...
What's Next?
We try to update our product regularly, weekly is good, daily is better.
But some features are more demanding. The recent User Management, Permissions and Billing release needed 5 weeks! Since security is critical, it's worth getting the fine-toothed comb out.
After that month-long task, we've taken stock of your requests and are looking at:
On the topic of
, we're getting more requests for this every week. We're focussing on our "default" templates to make sure they pass muster. This helps us prioritise feature development
(ie: will this feature help with HSG248?)
Working to HSG248? We'd love your input!
Licence Management, Users and Permissions
You can now manage your users and licences!
On the
page you can:
  • Adjust your licences
On the
page you can:
  • Invite users
  • Change permissions and allocate licences
  • Block and Unblock users
Switching between company accounts
Users can be granted access to different companies.
For example, you may work for yourself, but also accept work as a subcontractor.
It is possible to switch between accounts on the Mobile app, or Dashboard.
Do you use subcontractors?
Please get in touch! We know that many of our customers use subcontractors in some way, we want to make it easier to create temporary accounts. Let's chaaaaat.
You mentioned a knowledgebase?
We try to keep our support articles up-to-date with every release:
Why has it taken so long to add User Management?
This is a great question. We've been trading for just over 2 years, and registration has been a relatively manual process. Our customers could get in touch to add an account, we'd change their subscription and add the user to the system. Simple.
We now have hundreds of users, and it's starting to be painful as we continue to grow. Which is generally the best time to make a change.
There's a huge advantage to doing things manually, it means we get to have
more conversations with our customers. We've learned that:
  • New companies like the fact we don't have a minimum term
  • Lots of companies use subcontractors
  • Lots of surveyors work for multiple companies
These have been invaluable in creating our user management system. Also, waiting until now has allowed us to focus on making our product valuable.
Update on Android crashing issue when taking photos
The Issue:
📱 When saving images on the Mobile App, some Android users have reported that the app sometimes crashes, causing the mobile device to restart 🙁
We believe this issue may be specific to Galaxy devices since no one has reported this issue on Google's native Pixel devices.
Our users tell us that the issue happens when confirming the acceptance of the photo. It's an intermittent issue that we've struggled to recreate.
v1.0.67 (hopefully) fixes the issue
After trawling some online forums where other software developers have experienced similar problems with Galaxy devices, we
we may have found a possible solution.
We've released a new version of the app (
), which contains some modifications to the camera plugin. We're hopeful that this fixes the issue - but we can't be sure without confirmation from you, our legion of users 💪.
No doubt it's a pretty unpleasant experience to be kicked out of the app. So please let us know if this fixes the issue. And if not, we'll explore other options.
Updating your mobile app:
If you've been experiencing this problem, please update your mobile app to the latest version, and see if this prevents future crashes.
Thanks, guys,
Paul and the Flow team
Flow Mobile 220215 -147
Audit Trail
NEW: Audit Trail
Your surveys should be conducted accurately and truthfully. The audit trail provides a historical record of user events over time.
The audit trail includes:
  • What was changed.
  • Who made the change.
  • When the change happened.
The feature is enabled for users with
admin permissions
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